Your in-house R&D tax manager

Thank you for visiting this site, which has been designed to be cross between a CV and a proposal.

I am an experienced R&D tax advisor working in one of the top global accountancy firms. I have been preparing R&D claims as a specialism for 11 years, working with businesses from FTSE100 names to university tech spin-outs. 

The idea that this website is based on is that for many large businesses, employing an in-house R&D tax manager to prepare and submit ongoing claims for this incentive will lead to a higher quality process with reductions in cost.

My target audience are businesses who currently make substantial recurring R&D tax incentive claims, with fees of £30k+ to an advisor. To discuss this further with me, please email

What am I offering, in a nutshell?

I'm keen to explore whether companies with large R&D claims wish to consider employing an R&D tax specialist in-house on either a part time or full time basis. The time input would depend on the size and nature of the claims of the company. 

It is my belief that companies don't employ dedicated R&D tax specialists often because it is rare that an R&D claim is large enough to require a full time resource. This is where I am proposing to be flexible in offering a part time basis down to as little as 1 day per week equivalent.

With the changes in R&D legislation that have taken place over the past year, there are great advantages of having an experienced specialist focussed on your claim, without juggling 50 other clients at the same time. More on these advantages later. 

About me

First of all, I will explain that I'm writing this website annonymously because I don't want to hamper my current role in which I should be aiming to target you as a potential client. I am happy to provide my formal CV and talk more personally to any business who has a genuine interest in exploring the option of employing an in-house R&D tax manager. 

After graduating with a science degree, I began a career in Corporate Tax in 2011 within a big 4 firm. I very quickly moved to specialise in R&D tax incentives due to my science background, but I am also experienced in the preparation of tax returns; I am both CA and CTA qualified.

In 2020 I joined another large global accountancy firm (just outside of the big 4), joining their fast growing R&D tax team. There, I have continued to build my specialism in leading large and complex R&D claims including several large listed businesses. 

The next step in my career path is to become a Director in the team. This is quite a different role and is further away from actually being involved in the preparation of R&D claims; for this reason I am considering alternative options before committing to the Director path. 

Would I be a good fit for your company?

Naturally for any company to consider emplying someone in-house to manage the preparation of its R&D claims, even part time, the annual claim size needs to be reasonably large. Linked to having a large R&D claim is likely to be the high level of advisory fees that come with this each year. 

When you pay a large accountancy firm to prepare your R&D claim, you are getting a process led by leading experts, but much of the work is inevitably carried out by more juniour team memebers. The average effective hourly rate that you would be paying for this advice is likely to be at least £250 per hour. There are therefore clear cost savings to be made by having an employee (who you aren't paying £250 per hour) to prepare the R&D claim instead. 

In addition, by having someone with my level of experience prepare every aspect of the claim, rather than managing a less experienced team to do much of the work, it is my proposition that you would generate a stronger claim. Maximised in terms of value, due to the attention to detail that an in-house team member is able to offer; more robust and reduced risk of enquiry due to optimised documentation of all R&D that you are doing. 

But how large is the job, what are you currently paying for and how might I compare as an in-house manager? Here are some illustrative examples:

The exact requirements of any R&D tax manager position would depend on the level of complexity involved, including number of different R&D projects undertaken, number of companies/teams involved. Sometimes even companies with extremely large fees have R&D claims that could in effect be prepared by someone experienced spending the equivalent of 2 days a week on the work.